pump datafiles (+): 2012 Aug 28

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  • A pump datafile holds the datapoints of a pump test curve, and may hold many test curves within that single datafile. It also holds considerable other information such as: the units & fluid of the test data, allowable min,max ranges for rotational speeds & impeller diameters, available materials and options and available display modes. The mfg, date, author and a serial number of the file may also be present.

  • A serial number for the file is not mandatory, however, if the file is of mfg certified data, then it will have a serial number provided by PCS(TM), that pump datafile may then optionally also be encrypted.

  • The 'premium versions' of the PCS(TM) system have functionality to help the user to easily create a pump datafile to the PCS(TM) standard. We are also happy to build any pump datafiles for you, should you provide us with any text format document of your test data.

  • In cases where specific materials are not desired in the pump datafile, that is fine and they can simply be omitted along with some of the other properties, the software will help you with this and walk you through the very user-friendly process.

  • An encrypted pump datafile is readable only by the PCS(TM) software. So a user may then view the pump curves, make selections etc, but cannot look inside the file or access specific datapoints. Note: users can see the pump curves on the computer screen [as they obviously need to] and thus are still able to roughly approximate data visually.

  • Users may optionally use the system to administrate their pump datafiles. This is optional and not mandatory. This option allows administrators to specify who may access what pump datafiles and organize the pumpfiles into product groups with a library concept.

  • The PCS(TM) software is developed in Java(tm) and may be deployed either as an applet or application, it runs equally the same on Apple, Windows, Linux & UNIX, equally the same whether the computer is connected to the Internet or not.

    So users can use the system and build pump datafiles and work with pump curves whether their computer is online [Internet] or not. For example: during business travel [flight].

  • Please respect the work of others. Please do not copy our original work and misleadingly pitch work as based on your own ideas; when it isn't. Integrity and truthfulness do matter.

(+) If there is something that you are wondering about: just ask us. Whatever features you can dream of, we have likely already programmed them and/or we can deliver them within days. Connect to your ERP system? we have already done that before and we will be happy to accomodate your specific needs.

PCS(TM): software uses the advanced rexJava.com :: rxLiquidGlassInterface().
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